ZMARTBUILD is a smart wall panel brand. It has built it to be the future of AAC panels with four times the speed. Plus, the ZMARTBUILD wall panel is capable of installation faster than 10 sqm/man/day. The brand promises savings on-time project completion and project cost. Panels are built to reduce sound penetration between rooms and noise penetration from external sources. It also has better heat insulation and reduced working time and transportation costs. 

Influencer marketing

One of our best-selling products, which also assisted Zmart Build in catering to their customers and prospects, showcasing their projects using influencers.

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Short Videos

One of the most straightforward ways to effectively, and dynamically showcase the amenities, clubhouse, and sample apartments of a real estate project.

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For the Zmart development, we did a fantastic job of capturing the project’s captivating and breathtaking views.

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