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When it comes to India’s real estate behemoths, TDI is a name that no one can forget. And assisting  such a brand in 2021 was a tremendous achievement for NS Ventures. To effectively finish the project, we created compelling Project Videos for them, as well as cinematography and photography.

Project Connectivity Videos

One of our delights was creating videos for TDI, in which the project site was displayed to the audience and the connectivity was also a highlight of the video. With the aid of motion tracking technology, we also instilled the project layouts on the site. And moreover showcasing the USPs of the project.

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Cinematography and Photography

Cinematography played a crucial part in demonstrating the project’s connectivity with the surrounding or nearby areas, with the main aim being to capture every inch of a site using high-tech equipment. Hey guys welcome to’s channel, in this series of “luxury homes by housing” we bring you the best of the best homes in your city. Today we will showcase India’s first in-city golf resort themed triplex level penthouses with international standards, state of the art luxury, and an exotic resort-like living. 

Project Walkthrough Videos

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Allow us to set everything in action for you!