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Sparrow Realty

Sparrow Realty Risk Management is considered to be the fastest-growing brand in the sector of Engineering risk management in India. The company has experience with more than 200 clients globally and 750 major projects with blue-chip companies. A rare company to have an Industrial Digitalization Platform “Industry OS”. 

Aerial Photography For Sparrow Realty

NS Ventures, a specialist in aerial photography, has provided Sparrow Realty with its services. Sparrow Realty is sure to benefit from this expertise with a more specialized view of real estate from above. Aerial photography captures real estate properties with finer detail and provides aerial views of the surrounding area which can add an extra dimension to marketing materials such as brochures and websites. 

Sparrow Aerial View 250m day time
Sparrow Aerial View 250m day time
Aerial View Sparrow
Aerial View 250 M Sparrow

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