SKECHERS | NS Ventures


NS Ventures has to manage the social media presence of Skechers across all platforms. The partnership will see NS Ventures working to increase engagement, expand the brand’s online reach, and develop creative campaigns to enhance Skechers’ visibility and customer engagement. With its extensive experience in managing social media marketing for various global brands, NS Ventures will bring its expertise and knowledge to help Skechers strengthen its position in the competitive shoe industry.  

Skechers Social Media Management

Skechers has enlisted the services of NS Ventures to manage its social media platforms. NS Ventures will be responsible for creating and executing social media strategies across all of Skechers’ platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and GMB. The partnership aims to bolster Skechers’ social media presence while engaging with its audience in a meaningful way. NS Ventures brings a wealth of experience in social media management and has worked with other high-profile clients in the past. 

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