Sharda University

The name of University, ‘Sharda’ is synonymous to ‘Goddess of knowledge and learning – Saraswati’. She is identified with ‘veena’ an Indian musical instrument and the ‘lotus’ where she resides. The lotus in our logo symbolizes the seat of learning that the University is created for. Variety of colours signify the variety of disciplines the university offers and the overlap between petals creating new colours demonstrate the ethos of collaboration between students and teachers of different programme, nationality, creed and colour working towards creating new knowledge.The petals leading towards a star is an embodiment of the University’s cherished mission to provide education beyond boundaries and to facilitate the students and faculty to achieve pinnacles of success throughout the world!

Virtual Tour

Through our Virtual Reality, we provided 360 views of the entire university by which you can easily explore more information with 360 panoramas aerial views. We pined every location on campus from the entrance such as the School of Engineering and Technology, School of architecture and planning, School of basic science, and School of Dental Sciences.