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Indian Vascular Surgery

IVS is a Vascular Surgery Centre dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of vascular disorders.IVS has been contributing to surgery for the past 20 years which includes my experience working as Senior Registrar in Vascular Surgery at St Mary’s Hospital, London. 

We promoted Indian Vascular Surgery across all social media channels, and our eye-catching content performed very well in engaging visitors. One of our proudest accomplishments was getting them a verified badge on social media.

India Vascular Surgery

Indian Vascular Surgery Awareness Videos

NS Ventures, a service provider, is now offering Awareness Videos to Indian Vascular Surgery. The service aims to provide educational videos to increase public knowledge about vascular surgery procedures. These videos will be accessible to patients and their families, as well as healthcare professionals. With this initiative, NS Ventures hopes to contribute to the improvement of patient care and support in the Indian Vascular Surgery field.

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