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Venous Association of India(VAI)

Venous Association of India(VAI) 

In April 2007, the Dr. Ashok Gupta of New Delhi, Dr. Ramakrishna and Dr. Vasudev Rao meet us to create the organization’s by laws and Saravanan registered the Venous Association of India in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. The first Executive Committee was initially comprised of seven members.

VAI Social Media Management

The Venous Association of India has partnered with NS Ventures for social media management services. The move aims to enhance the association’s online presence and establish a stronger connection with its audience. NS Ventures is expected to focus on creating engaging content, maintaining the association’s social media platforms, and driving targeted traffic to the association’s website through social media campaigns. The partnership is expected to increase awareness and engagement amongst the association’s target audience and improve their overall online experience with the association.

Venous Association of India(VAI)

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VAI Awareness Videos

NS Ventures has supported the Venous Association of India by providing them with awareness videos. The videos aim to educate the public about the importance of maintaining healthy veins, warning signs of venous diseases, and treatment options available. This initiative by NS Ventures will aid the Venous Association of India in spreading awareness about venous diseases, their complexity, and their potential health risks. By providing accessible educational material, the initiative will help people understand how to prevent and treat venous issues and improve their overall well-being.

Venous Association of India(VAI)
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(VAI) Venous Association of India
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