Jakarta Smart city

A ten-million-person district in Jakarta is divided into five cities, 44 sub-districts, and 267 villages. The city government receives an average of 1,400 messages each day through its custom-built Qlue smartphone app, which allows citizens to provide input on city services. Furthermore, individuals spend an average of 130 SMS messages every day to the governor’s cell phone, as well as many more via email and Twitter.     

“It’s important to listen and be transparent when citizens send feedback about public services,” says Diary Paulus, Head of the    Data & Analytics at Jakarta Smart City (JSC), a management unit under the Jakarta Provincial Government’s Communication, Informatics, and Statistics division. “The magnitude of messages in a huge city such as Jakarta makes it impossible to quickly respond enough when each message is handled manually.” We needed a faster approach to process comments and assess and prioritize the most critical concerns.  

Jakarta Smart City Infographic

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