Since the previous 5 years, NS Ventures has been a partner with Housing.com, working on a variety of real estate content. The relationship has grown stronger and stronger by giving creative real estate content to the brand for mutual growth.

Our greatest work for Housing.com
Drone Route Videos

Drone Route Videos are one of NS Ventures  most visible and successful products for Housing.com. Through our motion tracking techniques, Drone Route Videos assist users or clients of housing.com in locating neighbouring places to the locale.

Drone Route Video 1

Drone Route Video 2

Area Wiki Videos

Area Wiki Video another Interesting and informative service for Housing.com, Its a video about a specific city that shows how the city has grown and will continue to grow economically, socially, and demographically. The Area wiki video also features the approach road route as well as other pertinent information regarding the real estate project, including connectivity, adjacent neighbourhoods, amenities, clubhouse, and other features

Area Wiki Video 1

Area Wiki Video 2

Location AV

Location Av is a hybrid video type that combines a standard route video with an Area Wiki video, in which information about the route as well as the city and area insights  are included. On Location AV, our partnership with housing.com has proven to be one of the best.

Location AV​ Video 1

Location AV​ Video 2

3D Virtual Tour

The term “virtual tour” is a buzzword in today’s world, and constructing one in 3D has been both tough and fascinating. For Housing.com, we created a variety of 3D virtual tour that showcase the interior and exterior of residential and business projects.

Short Videos

One of our ideas, which was warmly appreciated by Housing.com, was to create 90-120 seconder short videos on the project and its amenities to be shown in a thrilling and eye-catching way.

Short Video 1

Short Video 2

3D Videos

3D videos are time-consuming but worthwhile projects; they are created with the assistance of drawings, anametics, storyboarding, conceptualising, many hours of rendering, and then the sweet fruit emerges, exhibiting the project in such a beautiful way that the audience does not stop loving it. Housing.com praised our efforts and hard work on these projects.

3D Video 1

3D Video 2

Construction Update Virtual Tour

The motive of these virtual tours is to fulfil two objectives: one may view the development of the project from the comfort of one’s own home, and two, they can learn about the surrounding places and important landmarks. In terms of delivering our expertise on virtual tours, we did quite well for housing.com.

Live Drone Webinar

During the pandemic, Webinars were the only source for the giants like Housing.com to interact with the market. We hosted Live Drone Webinars for them on their channel, where numerous industry professionals attended while displaying their projects.

Live Drone Webinar Video 1

Live Drone Webinar Video 2

Aerial Virtual Tour

Our Aerial Virtual Tour, which is a 360°  panorama view in which we set markers and tag nearby and essential landmarks in the region of the residential or commercial project, is one of our top sellers on housing.com. One can experience living or coming to a certain region while being at home.

Virtual Reality Tour

Another popular seller for housing.com is our 360° virtual tour, which shows the exterior and inside of the house. One may walk around the house by sitting at their homes and inspecting the surroundings and inside of the location. Most of the time, it’s done to show off a sample flat and pique the interest of clients and prospects.

Construction Update Videos

We partnered with ‘Housing.com,’ the pioneers of the Indian real estate market, for their client’s construction update videos, where we showcased the viewers and informed them with our 2-minute video on the project’s development and progress.

Construction Update Video 1

Construction Update Video 2

Spokesperson Videos

As the name implies, these videos we created for housing.com constited influencers or other industry experts to provide market insights and promote the business. The background gets altered with good and innovative results using a green screen and our diverse editing talents.

Spokesperson Video 1

Spokesperson Video 2

Drone Videos