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Experion is a 100% FDI-funded real estate developer backed by Experion Holdings Pte. Ltd., Singapore, the real estate investing arm of the $2.5 billion AT Holdings group of companies. They develop townships, group housing, commercial landbanks, organized retail destinations, hotels, resorts, and various properties in Gurugram, Haryana, Punjab & Uttar Pradesh. In addition, we have developed landbanks in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Goa, and Maharashtra. Their every project and strive to live up to our motto “The Positive Side Of Life”.

Experion can look forward to top-notch teaser videos for their project launch, thanks to the services provided by NS Ventures. These videos will capture the essence of the project and create excitement among the target audience. With their expertise in video production and marketing, ns ventures will ensure that the teasers are visually captivating and compelling, leaving a lasting impression on viewers. Experion can be confident that these videos will effectively generate buzz and anticipation for their project launch.

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Experion Virsa
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Project Videos of Experion-Windchants-
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Experion Location Virtual Tour

Experion Floor-Wise View

The Virtual tour allows users/customers to navigate through each floor of the building, giving them a clear view of each space and its features. With NS Ventures’ floor-wise view virtual tour, potential buyers and investors can explore Experion’s Project Floor wise view from the comfort of their own homes, enabling them to make informed decisions about the property.

Allow us to set everything in action for you!