NS Ventures


1. Aerial Land Survey/ Mapping/ Land Bank Videos

Description: Prior to commencing a real estate venture, be it commercial or residential, a thorough land survey is conducted via drone , which the architect analyzes before creating the project blueprint. Mapping plays a crucial role in allocating specific areas to distinct locations, ensuring dedicated sections for different purposes

Deliverables: Shoot with Drone for a Land upto 5 Acre, Videos & Photos of complete Site, Post Production of 20 Photos & 1 Video of upto 5 Min, Graphical Representation of Site Boundries and near by Locality

2. 2D Floor Plan /Unit Plan| Stilt Plan/ Site Plan

Description: After finalizing the blueprint, the architect generates a CAD file drawing, from which a digital 2D floor plan, unit plan, stilt plan, and site plan are produced. These plans incorporate a vibrant and visually appealing representation of the original drawing.

Deliverables: 2D Floor plan Development of upto 1 Acre Project Exteriors + Interior 2BHK, 3BHK + 10 Amenities Included

3. 2D & 3D Isometric

Description: 3D isometric involves creating visually stunning representations of properties, including detailed 3D models, textures, lighting, and realistic landscapes to provide an immersive and captivating experience for potential buyers.

Deliverables: 3D Isometric upto 1 Acre of Project Exterior+Interior 2BHK, 3BHK+10 amenities included

4. Site Fencing and Hoardings

Description: Designing of fencing and hoardings that will be placed on site

Deliverables: “Standard Sizes from 3′, 3.5′, 4′, 6′, and 8′ Qty as per site size “

5. Brochures and Print Media

Description: Design visually appealing brochures that effectively showcase properties, incorporating appropriate branding elements and layout techniques. We Create compelling content for the brochures, including property descriptions, feature highlights, and location information, with a focus on engaging potential buyers and emphasizing unique selling points.

Deliverables: Brochure Upto 15 Pages and Graphics for Printing media upto 5

6. Project Landing Page/ Website Development

Description: Design and develop a visually appealing and user-friendly landing page and website for a real estate project, incorporating property information, interactive features (VR), and a seamless browsing experience.

1 Pager Website with all info

7. Social Media Promotional Content

Description: We create engaging and compelling social media content for real estate, including posts, captions, and visuals, to promote properties, increase brand visibility, and engage with the target audience.

Deliverables: Monthly 25 Creatives and 5 Edited Videos Video Shoot

8. 3D Walkthrough Videos and Images

Description: We will create visually stunning 3D walkthrough videos and images for real estate properties, showcasing the interior and exterior features, layout, and ambiance, providing a realistic and immersive experience for potential buyers.

Deliverables: Walkthrough Making of walkthrough/animation in Full HD format-3 minutes duration (with Background licensed music & super) using 3D modeling of the whole project + drone shoot of the actual surrounding +1.5 min of walkthrough edit Images: 15 High resolution rendered views

9. 2D and 3D Location Maps

Description: Develop accurate and visually appealing 2D and 3D location maps for real estate properties, highlighting key landmarks, amenities, transportation routes, and nearby attractions, assisting potential buyers in understanding the property’s surroundings and its advantageous location.

Deliverables: 1 Location Map Each 2D and 3D

10. 3D Virtual Tour Exterior and Interior

Description: We expertise in creating interactive and immersive 3D virtual tours for real estate properties, allowing users to explore both the exterior and interior spaces. Provide a detailed and realistic representation of the property, enabling potential buyers or tenants to navigate through rooms, examine architectural features, and visualize the layout, ultimately enhancing their understanding and engagement with the property.

Deliverables: Exterior: Interactively covering whole project from entrance to exit With licensed licensed music and toggle points to switch from day and night.
 Interior: upto 4BHK 3D interior interactive virtual tour With licensed music and toggle points to switch from one place to other A virtual map of the whole site and single click roam through it and hosting of vr on server

11. TimeLapse

Description: Installing timelapse cameras at real estate site will capture real time captivating timelapse footage, showcasing the construction progress, transformations, or surrounding landscapes over a designated period of time, providing a visually compelling and dynamic perspective to potential buyers, investors, or project stakeholders.

Deliverables: Monthly update through raw data per camera (on actual) and one upto 4 min compiled edited video with licensed music, supers, logo animation and voiceover (if required)

12. Monthly Construction Update Videos and Photos

Description: We create monthly construction update videos and photos, documenting the progress, milestones, and key developments of the real estate project, enabling stakeholders to stay informed and engaged with the construction process. From shoot to post production we do it all

Deliverables: Shot and Edited video upto 4 min with licensed music, supers, markers track point of the progress of each tower and voiceover( if required) 20 cinematic photos of site (10 color corrected + 20 raw)

13. Exterior Virtual Tour

Description: Create an interactive virtual tour of the real estate property’s exterior, featuring marked nearby landmarks, site layout, and many other interactive features to provide a comprehensive understanding of the surroundings and enhance potential buyers’ perception of the property’s location.

Deliverables: Shoot and Edit 1 Virtual tour with upto 3 views, site plan or 3d model superimposed, licensed licensed music and toggle switch from day to night, hosting of vr on server

14. Drone Route Video

Description: We capture a captivating drone route video for the real estate property, employing aerial shots to showcase the surroundings and highlight key features, utilizing smooth and cinematic camera movements to create an engaging visual experience. Superimposing 3D models and layout in a running video is one of the key highlights

Deliverables: Upto 8KM Route to be Shot Cinematic Site Shots 3D or Site Layout superimposing licensed music Scripting and voiceover Stock Intro and Supers Animated Location Map Edited video 4K up to 5 min

15. Sample Flat Interior Walkthrough

Description: Create an immersive virtual tour of the interior sample flat, showcasing the design, layout, and features in a realistic and engaging manner, providing potential buyers with a comprehensive visual experience to help them envision living in the space.

Deliverables: upto 4BHK Shot and Edited interior interactive virtual tour With licensed music and toggle points to switch from one place to another A virtual map of the whole site and single click roam through it and hosting of vr on server

16. Location AV Videos

Description: Elevate your project’s sales strategy by showcasing its prime location with an exceptional aerial video. This meticulously crafted 4K resolution video captures key proximity areas, prominent landmarks, and distance information while visually highlighting property boundaries. With an engaging voice-over, it effectively communicates the unique selling points of the project in an informative and captivating manner. Produced biannually for each project.

Deliverables: Duration Upto 2 min 4K video Shoot and edit video of site covering approach road, major localities or amenities near by, an animated location map, with licensed music, supers and voiceover (if required) 15 Still Images ( 5 Edited )

17. Project Teaser Videos

Description: Create captivating teaser videos for real estate projects are snippets of 10-30 sec, generating excitement and interest among potential buyers. These videos will provide a glimpse of the project’s key features, amenities, and architectural highlights, aiming to create a compelling and visually appealing presentation that sparks curiosity and attracts potential customers.

Deliverables: Teaser video upto 1 min 4K video stock template, cinematic licensed music, with a call to action

18. Project Videos

Description: Create a visually captivating video showcasing the key features and highlights of the real estate project, emphasizing its unique selling points to attract potential buyers or investors

 Deliverables: Duration upto 4 min 4K video, shoot and edit, covering full project and club house, licensed music, supers, storyboarding. Still Image 20 (10 Edited)

19. Project Offer Videos

Description: Create an enticing and visually captivating video that not only showcases the exceptional features and allure of the real estate project but also highlights the exclusive special offer attached, compelling viewers to act swiftly to take advantage of this limited-time opportunity.

Deliverables: Duration upto 3 min 4K video, shoot and edit, offer at the end, licensed music, supers, storyboarding, Still images 20 (10 edited)

20. Area Wiki Videos with Project Highlights

Description: Develop an informative and engaging wiki video showcasing the area surrounding the real estate property. This video will provide comprehensive details about the neighborhood, including amenities, schools, parks, transportation, and notable landmarks, allowing potential buyers to gain a deeper understanding of the area’s appeal and advantages. A voice over will be an added advantage in this

Deliverables:Duration upto 6 min 4K video, Shoot and Edit, covering whole site, approach road, aerial route upto 3 KMs. Animated Location Map, licensed music, supers, storyboarding and voiceover. 15 Still images ( 5 Edited)

21. Influencer/ Model Project Sales Videos

Description: We make a captivating sales video for the real estate project featuring influencers and models. This video will showcase the property’s unique features, amenities, and lifestyle aspects, leveraging the influence and appeal of the featured models and influencers to attract potential buyers. The video will be expertly crafted to highlight the project’s selling points, creating a visually stunning and persuasive presentation to drive interest and sales.

Deliverables: 1 Influencer or model, shoot and edited 4K video up to 4 min of interior and exterior, also includes makeup of model, attire, scripting of the model, licensed music, and 10 still images with model for the thumbnail of the video.

22. Channel Partner Videos

Description: Create a dynamic and informative channel partner video, highlighting the benefits, incentives, and collaborative opportunities for real estate professionals interested in partnering with the project, aimed at fostering strong relationships and driving successful collaborations.

Deliverables: Duration Upto 2 min 4K video Shoot and Edit, Channel Partner scripting and property filler shots interior and exterior, licensed music, still images 15 (5 Edited)

23. Project Launch Event Videos

Description: End-to-end video production services for a captivating real estate launch, covering concept development, scriptwriting, filming, editing, and post-production, ensuring a visually stunning and engaging final product.

Deliverables: Duration upto 4 min 4K Video Shoot and Edit, licensed music, supers and voiceover (if required)

24. Lead Generation

Description: Our expertise is to implement a comprehensive lead generation strategy for real estate, encompassing targeted marketing campaigns, digital advertising, lead nurturing, and conversion optimization, to attract and capture high-quality leads, fostering increased sales and business growth.

Deliverables: Running paid ads on Google, Instagram, and Facebook for lead generation.

25. Lead Qualification

With our expert team at the helm, we specialize in identifying and nurturing authentic leads, possessing a keen understanding of prospects’ intentions during conversations, allowing us to provide tailored guidance and assistance that aligns perfectly with their needs and objectives.

26. Testimonial Videos

Description: Push the brand credibility via compelling testimonial videos for real estate, capturing authentic experiences and feedback from satisfied clients, showcasing their positive testimonials to build trust, credibility, and generate interest among potential buyers.

Deliverables: Duration upto 2min 4K Video Shot and Edit mic setup, licensed music, supers

27. Real Estate Corporate Video

Description: Clear presentation of a real estate corporate group form start till present.

Deliverables:Duration upto 4 min 4K video featuring all the projects of the real estate company, with licensed music, sotryboarding, voiceover and supers Shoot (Optional)

28. Floor Wise Videos

Description: Perspective plays an important role while making a purchase decision as view from the property acts like a deal breaker in this senario.

Deliverables: Duration upto 3 min 3K Video, window perspective view from every floor, shoot and edit, licenced music and voiceover (if required)